What do we do?

Customer Engagement

We build strong and valuable relationships with the customers of our e-commerce partners. This approach builds commitment and encourages customers to make more purchases in future.

B2B contact leads

We strive to reach decision-makers in the company. We present client’s offer and we collect a conscious, valuable contact lead. These contacts translate to a high percentage of sales.

We follow H2H principle, our professional consultants treat each contact acquired in the company individually.

Data Base Real Time Marketing

We work on data in real time. Data acquired in one channel are used in all available channels of reach. They are simple and correlated with the natural ways of establishing relationships:

  • e-mailing
  • telemarketing – CPL, CPA settlement
  • cross-selling for e-commerce – CPS settlement

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Our products

B2B Call Center

Precise channel for reaching decision makers, enabling a substantive conversation about the B2B offer. Conversation with the decision maker guarantees high efficiency in actions performed on the contact / contact lead.


An effective tool for communicating special events, promotions limited in time, offers, sales and as a reminder in sales processes (appointment reminders etc.)

B2B Mailing

Campaigns that meet client’s goals by selecting the most appropriate target group, mailing creation elements, behavioural and purchase intention targeting or by using survey data.


Up-sell as an excellent tool for increasing the value of orders. An effective way to stand out from the competition. An element that significantly influences building positive customer relationships.

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Our clients

Clients’ opinions

Our partners from Yintaro approach each project with the same commitment and passion. Yintaro Contact Center provides our customers with high-quality leads or effectively supports e-commerce.

Tomasz Kozarzewski CEO Sales&More S.A.
Yintaro is one of the most solid business partners we work with. Their unique know-how and top level engagement into projects are values very rare on market.
Piotr Stanoch Digital Resolution, part of OMD Group

Who we are?

Yintaro is a resultant of two different from one another – but with a similar attitude to business –people who created it. Yintaro is made up of people who work with us every day and help us develop as a company, and who simply enjoy it.
Our business is simple. We work on natural communication channels. We focus on proper, effective communication. Such a simple idea leads to increased sales and promotion of our Clients’ services.
Yintaro is a company responsible socially. In daily work we follow the principles of CSR. We are actively engaged in the activities of Sarigato Foundation – School 3.0. We believe that business is people and people should support each other – in the end, business is done by people for people!

Jarek has been working in the Internet industry since the 1990s. He has worked for media houses, advertising agencies and publishers, and the experience he gained there made him one of the best specialists in the area of sales and running value-driven campaigns. Jarek is a very open, friendly person. What he likes most in life is definitely contact with people. He was one of the most famous child singers in Poland in the 1980’s!


Marta has been dealing with Internet advertising for over a dozen years. She created, among others, a specialized advertising network, managed sales networks and multi-person teams, and the experience she has gained is now successfully used in her work with Yintaro clients. Marta is open, honest and precise in communication with employees and contractors. Not everyone likes it but everyone without exception appreciates it when it comes to the final results! She enjoys good jokes and contact with people, she reads a lot and listens to even more music. She excels in achieving her goals. Her family and friends are very important for her, especially her fantastic daughter – Marysia.