Car manufacturer

Status reporting on client’s database

Client: Car manufacturer
The client runs campaigns aimed at acquiring leads from various digital channels – displays on industry websites, horizontal portals, social media – Facebook, mailing, affiliate networks, special events. Acquired thereby contact leads are passed to Yintaro for validation and status reporting.
Settlement: per reported status of contact lead

What was done:
For 10 months, we have been making status reports on leads provided by the client, which are registered under different campaigns. Trained in the current offer of the client, our consultants contact people who left their contact details. They confirm the correctness of data and willingness of those people to receive a dedicated offer or take a test drive and get acquainted with a specific car model. They inform the person concerned about any special promotions and then refer them to the appropriate, due to the location, dealer.
By optimising the workflow of consultants, we have managed to achieve over 95% of getting through calls, positive validation often exceeding 75% (from less than 50% prior to the commencement of our activities), and we pass between 850 and 3,000 leads a month to dealers. The implemented measures reduced the own costs of our client, positively influenced their brand image through a “hand-holding” strategy aimed at people interested in buying a car, and created mechanisms for effective marketing.