Courier company

Campaign that uses two communication channels with the target group of the client

Client: courier company
Target group: companies that send more than 50 parcels per month
Settlement: CPL (per acquired contact lead to a company with TG)

What was done:
The campaign was run based on B2B Yintaro in the mailing channel. In 3 months, the creation was sent to around 750,000 records. Yintaro arranged delivery to industry records indicated by the client and to those e-mail addresses that are reactive to courier companies. Each month we used retargeting, thus encouraging to fill in the contact form.
In the third month of the campaign there was a decrease in the openness and click-through of the mailing, as the potential among the target group was likely to be exhausted. All the more so because the client ran parallel campaigns on other B2B databases without deduplication of the records used. As a result, we offered to use our Contact Center, which directly translated into a greater number of acquired leads required to meet the target. The percentage of lead conversions that we got from mailings jumped from 6% to 15% in CC. We achieved this result because telephone contact enabled us to have faster and more efficient access to decision makers and those to whom we did not have an email address. Phone contact allowed brief introduction of the subject and enabled to refute any objections, therefore, the number of phone calls vs. the number of emails sent, at a higher percentage, converted into validated leads and then sales.