Housing developer

Campaign for acquiring contact leads for the client and arranging meetings with their dealers

Client: housing developer
Target group: people with above-average incomes buying an apartment in an attractive location for themselves or for investment purposes
Settlement: per contact lead and appointment

What was done:
For this client, we conducted parallel activities in two channels: acquiring leads through mailing and arranging meetings with the client’s dealers (on new leads and the client’s database). We used behavioural data derived from other campaigns ran on our resources – from other developers; campaigns as well as from campaigns for luxury goods or investment products. The client provided us with database of people interested in their offer who were previously contacted in-house by the client’s employees (and this database was acquired 6-8 months earlier).
Thanks to the use of behavioural data in mailings, we achieved very good delivery parameters (OR = 6.18% and CTOR = 16.76%), which translated into 7% conversion of clicks to leads. On the other hand, telemarketing work on the database that had already been overworked by the client – and one cannot say that it was “fresh” – allowed us to arrange meetings between the developer’s dealers and more than 6% of all records provided to us. In addition, we provided the client with a complete action report, which enabled them to improve internal customer service processes, as our Contact Center identified problems encountered by people interested in the client’s investments.